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Software Development is our core business. We develop innovative software that seamlessly meets the needs of customers and end users. We collaborate closely with our customers at every phase of the project, an approach we refer to as ‘co-creation.’

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Reveal Your Genius is our ultimate mission and guiding principle. It’s where our day begins and ends. We specialize in tackling complex challenges. Stable, sustainable software and personal development, combined with the right work-life balance, are important. Our unwavering commitment and drive consistently lead to outstanding results that make all stakeholders proud.

In a nutshell, Kabisa can be summed up as follows: ‘With a sincere passion, a well-grounded approach, and unwavering determination, we help you unlock your full potential. Reveal Your Genius.'”


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Seven projects for one of the world’s largest tech companies

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International Insurance Company

Migration to AWS

Philips Hue

Lighting in the cloud


Software partnership since 2014

Hue Interactive Headers

The power of Philips Hue


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Software Development is like Craftsmanship. We share knowledge within the community to become better developers every day. ‘Driven’ is one of our core values, it’s evident throughout the entire organization. From organizing Lunch ‘n Learns, Meetups, and Webinars to writing blog posts and attending – and speaking at – major conferences.

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Reveal Your Genius

Core values

Sincerely, Healthy & Driven


Sincere interest in the client, the assignment and the team. Not in the short term, but in a way that provides for all the needs of the customer in a long-term and sustainable manner. Kabisa expects everyone to dare to say what's on their mind, even if that message is not necessarily the desired one. This high level of involvement often leads to a more efficient and cost-effective solution for the client.


Being healthy means sustainability, a good work-life balance, making common-sense choices and being in good physical and mental shape. It indirectly contributes to (personal) growth, knowledge and skills, job satisfaction, optimal team spirit and being the best employer, developer or contact person for the customer.


Team Kabisa is hugely ambitious and delivers only the best. Long-term solutions, code that can be built on and smart tweaks where possible. Does the team see an opportunity somewhere, a chance for improvement or an option to expand something? If it is of use to the client, there will always be initiative to throw the ball up.

ISO Certified & Great Place To Work


For several years we have been able to distinguish ourselves with several “Best Employer” Awards, a “Best Place to Work” award, the FD Gazellen Award for fastest growing company & ISO certifications for information security & quality management.

ISO 27001 en 9001 certificering
FD Gazellen 2023


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