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Kabisa has been working with ASML since 2014. Our partnership started with one single developer, but has expanded over the years.

ASML is a Dutch high-tech company headquartered in Veldhoven, Netherlands. The company has offices around the world, including many in Asia and the United States.

Machines for (computer) chips

ASML builds machines that make (computer) chips. 85% of all chips, found in your phone, laptop, airplanes, cars and household appliances, are made with ASML machines.

This article from NPO Focus zooms in further on the company ASML.

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Kabisa has been working with ASML since 2014. Our partnership started with one single developer, but has expanded over the years. Several Kabisans are currently, divided into various teams, working for ASML. We are proud of the trust ASML has expressed in Kabisa and the great projects that have been completed.

Genius Wall

Only when a project meets strict criteria it’s allowed to enter our Genius Wall. With a large number of successfully completed projects, ASML is the main supplier for our Genius Wall.


In enterprise organizations such as ASML, Scrum is often applied on a large(er) scale. To ensure that not only the development teams, but the entire organization adopts an Agile mindset, the Scaled Agile Framework is deployed by Kabisa.

Our consultants are experienced in working with SAFe and can be part of an Agile Release Train. Our Certified SAFe Scrum Masters are able to support development teams in the Agile way of working and ensure optimal output.

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Our developers are constantly looking for new challenges. Due to our experience in the high-tech industry, we are quickly up-and-running within your project. Kabisa is confident that we can also support your company with our software solutions. Interested in a meeting to speak about your needs? 

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Creating a future-proof, reliable and safe infrastructure is a top priority. Therefore, we follow new technologies closely and are not afraid to use them if it benefits the end result.


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