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In the domain of (fire) safety, it is essential to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. Hertek, market leader fire safety in the Netherlands, sought a modern smartphone solution for silent alarms and evacuation. In contrast to traditional acoustic alarm systems, a silent alarm installation provides discreet and immediate notifications, especially in situations where a loud alarm is not suitable (such as in healthcare). Emergency Response Team members are promptly informed via their smartphones about potential emergencies, such as fire or evacuation, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently. The Connect Evac app is protecting lives by minimizing panic, limiting potential damage, and ensuring a safer evacuation.


Hertek faced a complex, multi-layered challenge. On the technological front, there was a need to replace the traditional pager-based solution with a modern, integrated, and user-friendly smartphone solution. This solution must not only provide real-time notifications and seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure but also be scalable for future growth.

Additionally, there was the challenge of regulation. The app must comply with strict legal requirements, meaning it should not only be technologically advanced but also “nuclear power plant” secure. This level of security is essential to ensure that the app is reliable at all times and under all circumstances. The NEN2575 certification, a standard that sets performance, quality, and functional requirements for silent alarm systems, is a crucial aspect of this challenge. Achieving and maintaining this certification require a profound understanding of the standard, as well as a rigorous development and testing procedure.

Finally, there was the market challenge. For Hertek, it was crucial to expand the digital product portfolio to strengthen their position as a leading provider of safety solutions, especially with competitors having already launched similar products in the market.

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To address the challenges and meet the needs of Hertek, we developed Connect Evac—a sophisticated evacuation app specifically designed for Android smartphones. This app is not just a digital tool; it is a crucial link in the safety chain of buildings and their occupants.

One of the core functions of Connect Evac is to provide clarity during a fire alarm or evacuation. The app ensures that users are always informed about the current situation. Notifications are continuously updated, providing a realistic view of the current conditions. These notifications are fully integrated with the fire alarm system and provide the exact location of a potential incident, which is crucial for a swift and effective response.

Connect Evac is designed with user-friendliness as a top priority. The app’s modern, intuitive interface, combined with clear color coding, makes it easy for users to navigate and respond to notifications. Furthermore, the app minimizes additional actions for employees. For instance, when a smartphone is connected to the charger, it is automatically signed out from the Emergency Response Team group. When the device is removed from the charger, it automatically signs back in. This ensures easy access without the hassle of login credentials.

Additionally, smart triggers are built-in to ensure that the Emergency Response Team member’s device remains active at all times. These triggers take into account factors such as sound volume and battery level. If there are too few devices online, the user is alerted so that appropriate action can be taken.

An important aspect of the solution was the high-available AWS infrastructure. We implemented a fully redundant infrastructure, meaning backup systems are ready to step in in case of any failures. This level of reliability is essential for an app that is so critical to the safety of people. Furthermore, comprehensive monitoring tools are integrated to continuously track the performance of the app and swiftly identify and resolve any issues.

Connect Evac is not just a technological advancement but also a step forward in terms of regulation. The app is NEN2575-4 certified, meeting the strictest safety standards, underscoring its reliability and effectiveness.


The implementation of Connect Evac opens up new possibilities in the way Hertek and its clients respond to emergencies. Where traditional pagers often faced high maintenance costs, malfunctions, and the risk of being left in chargers, the Connect Evac app provides a much more reliable and cost-effective alternative.

One of the most notable benefits of transitioning to a smartphone solution is the inherent portability and personal nature of smartphones. Employees carry their smartphones with them at all times, ensuring they are always reachable in case of an emergency. This is in contrast to traditional pagers, which were often forgotten or left behind.

Additionally, the integration of Connect Evac into the existing Hertek Connect platform has transformed the app into more than just a silent alarm tool. It has become a comprehensive solution contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the users. The real-time information, the ability to respond quickly to notifications, and the intuitive interface have all contributed to an enhanced user experience and an elevated level of safety.

From a business perspective, the introduction of Connect Evac has enabled Hertek to strengthen its position in the market. With Kabisa’s solution, not only has Hertek’s market share been regained from competitors, Hertek’s reputation as an innovative leader in the fire safety sector has also been further reinforced.

This app is an extension of the Hertek Connect platform previously crafted by Kabisa.

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