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Agile / Scrum

In a world where speed, adaptability, and business value are paramount, the Agile methodology provides a multitude of advantages that drive organizations toward success. From predictable lead times to efficient alignment of needs and requirements, Agile methodologies like Scrum are the foundation for streamlined development. In 2007, we were pioneers in adopting Scrum, an Agile methodology that is still firmly embedded in our business philosophy. Through iterative processes and flexible schedules, we react quickly to changes and constantly respond to our customers’ needs.

Agile working is more than just a methodology; it represents a culture of collaboration, transparency and continuous improvement. Our commitment to this approach is fundamental to our work, consistently exceeding expectations and adding value to projects and partnerships. Wondering how we can apply Agile methodologies within your company?

Kabisa Success Process

In 6 steps to a successful project

With over 17 years of experience in Agile software development, Kabisa understands better than anyone that every project is unique. The Kabisa Success Process (KSP) is our proven framework that gives your project the direction it needs. The KSP includes the following steps:

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The transition from Heroku to AWS realized by Kabisa resulted in a cost savings of 25% for ViaViela.

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