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Weert (HQ)

Marconilaan 8
6003 DD Weert
KvK: 14090089


Daalwijkdreef 47
1103 AD Amsterdam
KvK: 14090089

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    Harm de Laat

    Managing Director


    Our Purpose

    Reveal Your Genius is our ultimate mission and guiding principle. It’s where our day begins and ends. We specialize in tackling complex challenges. ensuring the creation of stable, sustainable software, while nurturing personal growth and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our unwavering commitment and drive consistently lead to outstanding results that make all stakeholders proud.

    In a nutshell, Kabisa can be summed up as follows: ‘With a sincere passion, a well-grounded approach, and unwavering determination, we help you unlock your full potential. Reveal Your Genius.'”


    How can Kabisa

    Find out how our multidisciplinary teams can help you create and manage business-critical web and mobile applications. We understand the power of sophisticated and complex solutions while remaining flexible and creative. What does this get you? Solutions that fit what your users need, with their satisfaction as our ultimate goal.