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In 2018, Kabisa colleague Luc wrote the blog post: Good-looking PDFs with CSS for Paged Media and Markdown. In 2021, this turned out to be exactly the issue faced by a major international insurance company (whose name, unfortunately, we cannot disclose). The contact with Kabisa was established. Initially, the collaboration began with a smaller project: building a PDF Generator. The client was highly satisfied with the results, leading to an intensified collaboration.


For private customers seeking, for example, travel insurance, our client wanted to develop an online portal. In this portal, end-users should be able to purchase new insurance policies, modify existing ones, and file claims. Additionally, agents and resellers should have an environment where it is possible to manage products for end-users.


In phase 1, Kabisa, in collaboration with the client, designed the product definition. In this process, the initial design and architecture were created within a smaller team. In phase 2, Kabisa assembled a multidisciplinary team following the TaaS (Team as a Service) philosophy. With the deployment of our React, Javascript, & Node.js developers, along with our UI/UX consultant and Scrum coach, Kabisa can provide the client with a broad spectrum of expertise. The team collaborates with the client’s developers on their internal systems. The design of the web application has been modified, and through the deployment of React, the design has been translated into the front-end of the application. The backend has been constructed using Node.js and Javascript on Serverless.


Thanks to Kabisa’s application, the client can welcome end-users online into their own portal. Here, end-users can purchase and modify their insurances. It is also possible to submit claims, which are then processed by the insurance company in the same environment. The collaboration began with one insurance product (MVP). Gradually, more products are being added.

Where the collaboration initially started with reading a blog post and building a PDF generator, it has now evolved into the deployment of a multidisciplinary team and a partnership that both the client and Kabisa are proud of.


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