Learn more about React (Javascript)?

Powerful Front-end development with React

React (Javascript)

React JS is often categorized as more of a library than a framework. This provides developers the flexibility to choose specific components that are most suitable for a project, resulting in a customized application that aligns perfectly with the unique requirements of each project.”

React allows us to work with new JavaScript components as well as numerous existing plug-ins. This means developers do not have to start from scratch when they are developing the entire Front-end, leading to significant time and cost savings. Facebook (Meta) developed the platform and, in collaboration with the community, they’re making sure the possibilities are endless.

Kabisa Success Process

In 6 steps to a successful project

With over 17 years of experience in Agile software development, Kabisa understands better than anyone that every project is unique. The Kabisa Success Process (KSP) is our proven framework that gives your project the direction it needs. The KSP includes the following steps:

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The transition from Heroku to AWS realized by Kabisa resulted in a cost savings of 25% for ViaViela.

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