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In collaboration with Hertek, Kabisa has developed the infrastructure of the Hertek Connect platform. The Hertek Group ensures (fire) safety, well-being, and continuity for people and assets in buildings, preventing unnecessary risks for everyone involved. From office employees to schoolchildren, and from vulnerable residents in a nursing home to a critical production line in a factory, the platform ensures safety for everyone.


In the realm of fire prevention services, the reliability of employed systems is paramount, as they play a crucial role in safeguarding lives. To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is essential that these systems are equipped not only with high-quality software but also possess an infrastructure resilient to potential disruptions.

Hertek Connect, previously employed as a secondary system, has demonstrated itself as a successful platform, witnessing an increased demand for the system. As a result, there was a need for an upgrade to a primary system. To ensure that the new system fully complies with industry standards, it had to meet the NEN2575-4 norm. These are rigorous rules that a fire safety system must adhere to. Additionally, it is certified under ISO27001/17/18 to ensure the quality and management of the system.


Kabisa recognizes the importance of fire safety and the critical role that technology plays in its management. Therefore, we have built a highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure in AWS. We leveraged the power of AWS services, including ECS for container execution, S3 for object storage, SQS for message queues, Aurora for relational databases, Lambda for serverless computing, and API Gateway for creating, deploying, and managing APIs. These services collaborate to provide a secure, scalable, and highly reliable solution for the platform’s users.


Hertek Connect can respond within (milli)seconds when a fire alarm is triggered. This is achieved through a combination of fast and reliable messaging queues, real-time notifications, and automatic scaling to handle millions of requests per day.

The new system is designed to automatically scale up and down as needed. This ensures significant cost savings for Hertek, as you only pay for what you use with AWS. The system also logs all alarms and events for subsequent analysis and reporting. We have invested in the best infrastructure and technology to ensure that the solution is robust, reliable, and secure, meeting all (stringent) standards.

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Creating a future-proof, reliable and safe infrastructure is a top priority. Therefore, we follow new technologies closely and are not afraid to use them if it benefits the end result.


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